Sunday, June 19, 2011

So, now what?

The school year is over and I have found myself without a job at Chaparral for next year.  I worry about my students and if they will be okay next year.  I will miss them so much!  I can't help feeling a little depressed, but there isn't anything I can do about that situation.  It's time to keep good relationships, leave toxic relationships and find new friends.  It is also time to reconnect with people I have missed.  I am still thinking about attending my high school reunion in August.

Anyway, there are  so many activities planned for this summer.  Anjahli already went to girl's camp and had a great time.  While she was gone, we remodeled her room and boy does it ever look nice.  I'd download photos, but my camera seems to be missing again.   We are heading to Utah for a couple of weeks then off to Nauvoo.  Alex and Wes are piping there.  After that, Anjahli is off to a high adventure camp in Idaho.  I think she'll have a great time.  I am jealous that she gets to go white- water rafting!

After all of those activities, we will settle down for some good old-fashioned school.  I think we will need that rest!  Next time I hope to have some photos for ya'll.