Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My Dreamhouse

Ever since I was young, I have felt a need to belong to a place.  After never being able to find that place, that look, that feel, I began to think it existed only in my heart, my mind, my soul.  Yes, it is a bit of a religious journey... I was looking for heaven on earth, knowing that heaven could really only exist in heaven.  I really desire a place that  makes me feel, that love emanates from, that  my heavenly family could share in the serenity.  It is a place of contemplation...a place that enters my heart and settles in my soul.  

Until recently, the only place I'd felt that was in the temple.   Now I have found  this space!  Look!  Those windows, that color, the door...it draws me in and invites me to be still.  It is a well-painted landscape.  I  feel at peace and know a well-being for which my soul yearns.
It isn't a house it is a hearth...it is a home...it is love and being loved and family.  Do you feel it?