Monday, August 23, 2010

Lessons I Have Learned

One: What I have learned as a parent: Once your children are married,

(both biological and those by marriage) you hope they find joy, not

happiness, but joy in life and leave all the petty little things that

tend to creep into relationships, untended: own them then get rid of

them-like the weeds they are.
Two: What I have learned as a parent:  It's easier to be a parent when

your children are home-once they are married you just hope that you

have raised them to be the best tender, loving, caring spouses possible

and hope that their spouse recognizes that in them.

Three: As a person, don't eat pizza late at night no matter how yummy it is.
Four:  The mother in me has one last bit of advice to all the young

marrieds-treat your spouse like the treasure they are, they obviously

had good enough sense and taste to choose you for a partner; accept

their love, compliments and care for them-they love you. Now if I can

...just learn to go back to sleep when I wake in the middle of the night.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Wedding - Congratulations Alex and Chelsea Hallam

This picture was taken at the temple two days before the wedding:

Looking pretty happy!

The sun was shining right in our eyes!
Alex and Chelsea looked a little nervous and very happy as they listened to the advice given to them by the sealer at the temple.  I'll be honest though, I expected a more committed kiss after they were pronounced husband and wife.  I think Alex was just happy that Chelsea said "yes" when it was time to say "I do." 

It was a very sunny day, some would even call it hot, outside as pictures were being snapped.  So many pictures, but well worth the sunny/hot day.  They turned out great!  Don't you think?

The lunch was awesome!  It was some of the best Chinese food I think I've ever tasted.  Anjahli even liked it!  Whew, sometimes getting her to eat good food is nearly impossible.

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Andy and Gwen Loughe

We were late getting to the reception, because our GPS system took us on a wild-goose chase.  I am glad that Wes decided to just start driving away from the instructions while "Susan-the GPS lady-voice" figured out just where she wanted us to really go.  Gwen Loughe and and all her help really did a wonderful job in decorating.  The food was delicious.  I have pictures of the crep-chef. 

There was some dancing while some mysterious people decorated the car.  I'm not saying who decorated the car.  I'll let you draw your own conclusions.